About Janis

Grandchildren - November 2015


Grandchildren - November 2015
All the Lanning grandchildren in one place  2015


Janis Lanning in 2015

Wife, Mother, Teacher, Daughter, Writer, Housemaker, Accountant, Baker, Gardener, Lover, Disciple

Janis Lanning — wife of Don for 32 years

        three successful adult children and their amazing spouses;

        nine grandchildren and one-year-old great-grandson

Don and Janis 2015

Who looks forward to family gatherings and all the details

sleep-overs, cooking, baking, noise, books, and crafts

Who relaxes — feeling blessed and worn out after everyone leaves

Who appreciates wiener roasts

with a mustard-slathered hot dog lovingly prepared by David “just for the memories”

Who grew up on a farm in Richmond, Missouri

moved away, and later — as only God could plan it — moved back home to rear a family

Who appreciates grandparents and parents modeling love

along with real-life mistakes morphing into second chances

Who loves living in the quiet country

yet, often stays too busy to appreciate the still small voice it shares

Who faithfully plants a garden each spring and not so faithfully manages the weeds.

IMG_1049 (2)
Janis loving colors and flowers

Who longs to see colorful flowers year-round indoors and out

Who appreciates the first blanketing snowfall of winter; while wrapped in a hand crocheted afghan, reading a book, gazing out the window

Who travels to mountains and beaches, oceans and ponds, near and far

Who learned life through the eyes of a farmer dad and a teacher mom

Who trusted the Lord at the early age of five

and must daily refocus to give Him first place

Who fears failure and criticism, while looking in the mirror at her worst critic

Who possesses a determined, independent attitude

needing to seek forgiveness and accept humility all too often

Who thrives on challenge and learns by experience

doggedly seeking ways to make a difference in her world

Who backpacked and mountain climbed for sixteen days in Colorado’s San Juan mountains

and wishes for such feats again


Who passionately seeks God and diligently studies His Word

Who forever wishes to encourage others

Who hints and suggests way too much

and can unwittingly become a nag

Who takes to heart Colossians 3:23, to work as to the Lord, not man

Who sets personally high standards in teaching, writing, and life general

Who must guard against perfectionism

Just for the Memories 2009

Who teaches elementary children: a problem solver, idea creator, maker of mistakes

Who writes Sunday school material and camp devotions

Who self-published a cookbook, Just for the Memories

Who stores years of journals, diaries, and teaching units

Who slowly relinquishes her packrat hold on memorabilia and books

Who identifies with the words of former teacher Jim Weate,

“I don’t always like to write; but, I do love to ‘have written’.”


Who considers,

“I don’t like to struggle, fail, or be found lacking; but, I do love to ‘have grown.’ ”