Christian Writer and Speaker

Janis Lanning is a Christian writer and speaker. She enjoys writing curriculum and inspirational pieces. She is a freelance writer, with the ability to create curriculum, classroom units, and camp devotions. She writes Sunday school material for Urban Ministries, Inc. and continues to write camp devotions for Heartland Baptist Association in Missouri.

Curriculum Writing for Elementary and Middle School

 Janis began her teaching career in North Kansas City schools. She quickly realized both a love and a skill for writing school curriculum. She creates lessons for children with varying abilities. Engaging lessons can be adapted for remediation and challenges. Open-ended units of study offer variety for multiple learning styles and creative activities keep children interested. Janis benefited by working with outstanding teachers and administration in grades K-8, reading improvement, gifted, and in many content areas.

Curriculum Writing for Christian Resources

After retiring from full-time teaching in 2004, Janis, she makes time to apply similar writing strategies on curriculum for Christian resources. Janis writes for Urban Ministries, Inc. Their homepage title, “Reach. Teach. Transform.” could easily be Janis’ personal mantra for writing. Janis writes Sunday school materials for the Junior Way and JAM departments. She creates lessons for children, the accompanying teacher’s guide, and activities for a resource booklet. During the past twelve years, she also created Vacation Bible school material for several ages. She co-authored an Advent calendar book, which has yet to be published. Janis attributes Urban Ministries for being the venue God used to stretch and hone her writing skills professionally.

Publications for Camps

A growing confidence and somewhat more flexible work allowed Janis to venture off into other writing and speaking opportunities. Since 2010, she has written camp devotions for Missouri’s Heartland Baptist Association: Introduction to Camping, Children’s Camp, Middle school, and High School. After Janis receives the theme and key verse from camp directors, she designs devotions and activities for leaders as well as campers. They are activity-oriented and open-ended so camp counselors have all the background and teaching tips needed to share God’s Word. Camper devotions allow children to seek God personally.

Women’s Ministry Speaker

Writing and speaking go hand in hand for Janis. Janis actively teaches Bible studies and Sunday school. Janis’ desire for all women is the same as her personal desire. She wants to know God’s transforming power more fully through His Word and for that relationship to touch others. She encourages women of all ages to grow in the Lord. Just as Janis breaks down difficult content into smaller teachable parts with the school curriculum, she uses the same techniques in Bible study and speaking.