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  • Get Your Shoes On

    Get Your Shoes On

    “But, I don’t want to wear those shoes! Can I wear my pink ones or my tennis shoes?” The wail was familiar, and so was the response, “Just get something on your feet, now!” A million shoes scattered in the closet (Yes, a slight exaggeration, but under stress, who cares?); too many choices. How often…

  • Hats In My Memory part 1 – An Introduction

    Hats In My Memory part 1 – An Introduction

    HATS IN MY MEMORY — an introduction, part I. Three hats hang in my house, two more in my memory:  a tattered blue and white striped engineer’s hat, a wide-brimmed straw hat crumbling from years of wear, a billed John Deere cap spattered with oil, a Kansas City policeman’s uniform hat, and a durable floppy…