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  • Reverse. Refocus. Run.

    Reverse. Refocus. Run.

    I held on tight. Dale maneuvered Dolly’s reins as she slowly plodded around Grandpa’s barnyard. This morning, I smile while reminiscing that as 10-year-olds, my cousin and I assumed “we” were in control of Dolly. She plodded slowly with the precision of an ancient clock, habitually knowing the approved barnyard path for all young grandchildren. […]

  • Get Your Shoes On

    Get Your Shoes On

    “But, I don’t want to wear those shoes! Can I wear my pink ones or my tennis shoes?” The wail was familiar, and so was the response, “Just get something on your feet, now!” A million shoes scattered in the closet (Yes, a slight exaggeration, but under stress, who cares?); too many choices. How often […]

  • Wild Things

    Wild Things

    Eryn Lynum’s sparkling eyes and broad smile captivated me. I wanted to sit at the same table with this soon-to-be-published author. I wanted to bask in her enthusiasm and soak in a bit of her knowledge. I hoped to discover the secret of a successful website. How did she finally break through as a writer? […]

  • Hats in my Memory part 2 – Routine, Nature, and God

    Hats in my Memory part 2 – Routine, Nature, and God

    HATS IN MY MEMORY part 2 —  Routine, Nature, and God   I pull the blue-striped engineer’s cap down from high in the closet.  A dusting of starch covers my hands as I cradle muted shades of blue and cream stripes. The hat is still surprisingly stiff from its last upkeep years ago. I find […]

  • Meditations Of The Heart

    Meditations Of The Heart

      I reached for my Bible as I sipped the hot coffee.  Thank you, God, for awakening me before anyone else is up and about in our busy house. Silence. Where would I begin? My Bible automatically fell open to the tattered edge of a familiar psalm. Psalm 19 spoke to me. Skimming the page, […]